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  • 6 body styles: no legs (baby), bipedal, quadrupedal, octopedal, floating, and flying.
  • 6 animations per body style: standing, walking, running, taking damage, attacking, and one unique animation. (36 total!)
  • 6 head styles: bald (baby), hair, ears, horn, armor, and pompom!
  • Lots of combinations: 6 legs * 6 heads = 36 model combinations!
  • 3 color styles: green, blue and red! 36 model combinations * 3 color types = 108 total unique creatures!
  • 17 face styles: 17 cute faces on a single texture.
  • Easily customize textures: One single texture is used for the whole model including the egg, so making custom colors is easy!

Coin Box

  • 4 animations: closed, open, small shake, large shake, small open, and large open.
  • Matching coin model: for use as a collectable or particle effect.


3x3x3 modular dungeon tiles and objects! Contains over 30 pieces!